Perpendiction® Puzzle Book (Volume 1)


While nothing may totally prevent a person from developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia, recent studies, including a 2010 US team's research, indicated that increased mental activity such as provided by puzzles and games could delay the onset of such conditions. Years of mental health could be gained by engaging in repetitive cognitive task and problem-solving. So by keeping your brain active in reading, studying, playing games and puzzling, you can be learning, having fun and improving your chances of putting off old-age Alzheimer's disease and dementia. That sounds like a win-win solution. Happy Perpendiction® Puzzling!

AUTHOR: Wright Engel
GENRE: Puzzle
PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2017
The pseudonymous cruciverbalist responsible for this book loves crossword puzzles and language in general, so he created a crafty combination of both. Perpendiction® Puzzles cross correct answers so that the same words intersect at 90 degrees. Therefore, the diction is perpendicular. Aha!