DRAGULA: A Transgender Tale


Others might wonder why her brother Peter had chosen the path of such isolated loneliness. But Mother would have understood why, in order to survive as she knew she must, she had created this wonderful safe cocoon-like haven of entertainment, dominated by that lovely, haunting creature of the night. Yes, Mother would have understood why her little boy had come to live within this protective entertainment lair for any and all who wished to live beyond what “society” considered to be the “norm.” Yes, Mother would have understood why, during the dark hours of the night, once within this entertainment lair, mother’s now-grown little person, experiencing such swirling, strange delicious sexual changes both within and without, would slip into that exhilarating protective feminine dressing of entertainment armor to become Dragula.
♫ “I can’t behave like they say I should. If I knew how don’t you think that I would. There’s nothing wrong; I’m misunderstood. And I still believe that change is good.”

AUTHOR: John Arthur Long
GENRE: Adult Fiction / LGBTQIA
PUBLISHED: Apr 20, 2020

NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: Although the print and Kindle editions of DRAGULA: A Transgender Tale are available, to fully enjoy the music and club atmosphere of this tale which is based on the theatrical musical by Long and Kastrinos, we recommend the AUDIO BOOK narrated and performed by the author, John Arthur Long, which includes sound design and musical accompaniment and performances. Of course, reading along with one of the other editions, can make the experience of this entertainment even more satisfying. DRAGULA is a tale filled with sensitivity to personal struggle, raucous humor and musical entertainment. Peter, a vulnerable young man, makes the decision to transition, becoming the gender and human being he was meant to be. Unfortunately, Peter’s stage persona of the musical entertainer DRAGULA draws the judgmental ire of the Right Reverend Bobby Swagger. Reverend Swagger is determined to prove by whatever means necessary that Peter’s lifestyle and entertainment choices are sinful and wrong. Finally, Peter finds the courage to open up to those around him, and take an uncompromising stand against bigotry, proving that it’s all right to be true to yourself, no matter what lifestyle you choose. *Author’s note: DRAGULA, A Transgender Tale, conveys a message that is clearly and uncompromisingly stated by the main character: “Bigotry, the inability to tolerate the differences in others, is one of the great flaws of our society!” Moreover, when presenting entertainment that represents individuals of the LGBTQIA community, I have endeavored to be sensitive to the courage these individuals have shown and empathetic to what they have endured by living in a manner that allows them to be true to themselves.