Eve of Regression


An expression of unwavering determination settled across Eddie’s features. “Braxton, I’ve seen the hypnotic trances. The subject has been through past lives to the very beginning. The proof is there.” Braxton glanced toward the paper in the priest’s hand. “You mean the drawings?” “Yes. But it’s more than that. Much more! When regressed, this woman becomes a persona who purports to be the daughter of Eve. And she is obsessed with the grave. She wants to find it! To return to it! To find the grave of her mother. If what she indicates is true, there is an undiscovered gravesite of Eve! Perhaps Adam, also. We’re not sure yet. And she appears to be able to locate it. Think of it, Braxton! The grave of Eve! Real. Uncovered. Through some strange quirk of fate, we may have stumbled onto the missing link. The last element that would bring science and religion together. Braxton, it may be real! All of it! Proof at last that Genesis is not poetic allegory but fact.”

AUTHOR: John Arthur Long
GENRE: Adventure
PUBLISHED: Jul 20, 2008


A group of six people venture deep into the vast, treacherous African savanna in search of the GRAVE OF ADAM AND EVE! THEY WERE FOLLOWING A TRAIL TO THE DAWN OF TIME….FATHER EDDIE FITZSIMMONS, the priest. His search for the grave of Eve was his last, desperate attempt to restore faith lost in a world ravaged by suffering. BRAXTON HICKS, the reporter. He didn’t buy this regression theory, but he did want to help his friend. Besides, it could be the story of a lifetime. KATHY SULLIVAN, the woman. Troubled by unanswered questions about her past, she soon discovered that under hypnosis her mind opened the door to something much more incredible…and dangerous. ZELDA ROOTE, the hypnotist. Her skills could regress Kathy into the unexplored territory of mind and memory, but could she lead them to the place they sought? FRANK GUNTHER, the guide. He thought he was leading a group of tourists on a sight-seeing safari. Then he discovered what they were hunting, and he moved in for the biggest kill of his life. DOG BASSETT, the hunter. He knew rich folks would pay big money for the wild animals he dodged the law to kill. Then he realized the bones of the world’s first woman would bring him one hell of a bounty. Following a rough map, a group of six people, each in his own way obsessed with the potential of discovery venture deep into the vast, treacherous African savanna. Did it exist? The undiscovered grave site of Eve? The consequences were staggering. It could be the missing link. The last element that would bring science and religion together. A powerful truth awaits them at their journey's end where TWAMBA, the great mystic Masai warrior takes a lone stand against the evil that threatens to destroy the innocent at The Gates of Eden! This bestselling adventure novel with over 500,000 copies sold and translations in English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Polish that soldout worldwide is now available in a Kindle edition by Vellum Publishing, Inc.