For those unfortunate souls who still haven’t taken the “Kindle Plunge” to purchase and experience the best e-readers on the market today, Vellum Publishing, Inc. wants to remind you that all is not lost because Amazon has even made Kindle books available to you. That’s right. Don’t forget that you can always download a FREE KINDLE APP that will allow you to use your Amazon account to purchase the same digital books for many of your favorite devices that are available for Kindle owners.

In fact, you’ll be amazed how pleasant it is to read books on your mobile phone using the Kindle app. Yes, in spite of the smaller cell phone screen, the print is clear and easy to read, and during those times when you’re waiting for an appointment, riding on public transportation, or just have time on your hands, it’s nice to be able to use your phone’s Kindle app to catch up on your reading. And then, if you have an e-reader or tablet, the Kindle app will instantly sync to the place where you stopped reading on another device. What could be better or more convenient than to be able to read whatever, wherever and whenever you want? The Kindle app makes that possible.

Not only that, but these Kindle apps work amazingly well on other devices, such as the iPad. Having tested both the in-house iBook shelf on the iPad and the Kindle app on the iPad; we believe the Kindle app is better. Not only is the selection of books much more extensive, but the setup of the covers for the book selection, the iCloud availability, and the responsive touch screen for page turning are outstanding.

And the new iPad, with its superb Retina display, gives Kindle books with photographs a visual beauty that simply cannot be found on any other e-reader. We loaded a couple of the books available on the Vellum digital shelf into the Kindle app on the new iPad, and could not believe how stunning the photographs of the Caribbean in Jeff Gardner’s memoir, CHANGING TIDES, looked. And, we found the same to be true of the clarity and glowing beauty found in Nadine Zenobi’s wonderful illustrations in Vellum’s digital children’s book offering, THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: The Touch of Kindness. With the Kindle iPad app, these illustrations will draw your child into the story and make your young reader feel like he or she is actually on the mysterious Isle of Kindness on “the other side of the sky” with Little Wings, the Tooth Fairy.

So, if you have an iPhone, an iPod, an Android phone or tablet, a Windows Phone 7, a BlackBerry, a Windows PC, a Mac, or an iPad, go get your Kindle app from Amazon here: OR HERE and become a part of the ever-expanding Kindle digital reading community today.

If you’d rather, here’s the link to get your free Kindle Cloud Reader that runs in your web browser: . It’s available for Firefox 6+ (Mac/PC/Linux), Chrome 11+ (Mac/PC/Linux/Chromebook), Safari 5+ (Mac/PC), and Safari iPad (iOS 4+).

Of course, we hope that will include checking out the wide variety of digital books available from Vellum Publishing Inc. at . Happy reading!