We at Vellum Publishing, Inc. are pretty happy with Amazon’s tablet and e-reader combo, the Kindle Fire. The operating system is intuitive and smooth and the web ability is a plus, making the device more than just the buying machine its critics claim it is. But we buy lots more than books from Amazon all during the year anyway, so to each his/her own! Of course, we’d love to have a phone, a camera, a microphone, more memory and text-to-speech , but understand that at $199 it’s not an iPod at $200-600 more. So, we’re happy. Besides, with the Cloud, and Amazon Prime at $79 a year, the 12 free books and free product shipping make the Fire a sweeter deal. This is especially obvious with the startlingly brilliant color and fine resolution evident when using the available apps, playing games or reading our favorite magazines.

On Vellum’s shelf, two books are especially suited for the Fire: The Tooth Fairy Legend: The Touch of Kindness (a delightful color-illustrated children’s chapter book) and Changing Tides (a graphic memoir of debauchery and deceit in the Caribbean, which is loaded with color photos). They shine on the Fire.

All Amazon Kindles have their places in the market and our lives, but there is something very special about the Fire. Ahh, if it only had more battery life! But that’s a topic for a future VELLPUBLOG.