The Sand Table Scorpion


His feet hit a wooden-runged ladder as he hung by both hands from the mouth of the opening. He was almost to the bottom of the ladder before he heard the low rumble of a growling dog. As Hollis spun and kicked with one foot, the dog snarled and barked, alerting other nearby animals. In seconds, two more dogs were jumping and snapping at him, filling the tunnel with hideous, echoing viciousness. Automatically, Hollis reached behind him for his machete. The scabbard was empty. Panic set in. He had one weapon, and its scabbard was empty. He had fallen through a banana tree and run miles through the jungle and never checked to see if his only weapon was still in place. “What an ass,” he thought. A dog sank its teeth into the side of Hollis' sandal, barely missing his foot. He felt the steamy spurts of humid breath puffing through the dog's nostrils onto his foot. Hollis held his leg out and the dog hung suspended in the air, tightly gripping the sandal in its mouth. The dog's blatant audacity galled Hollis, and the foaming and slavering made him nauseous and mad. The realization that his mission was being interrupted by a dog hanging from his shoe swelled him up with uncontrollable rage. Hollis reached for his rope with one hand, freeing it from his belt. Hanging by the other hand, and using his teeth whenever necessary, he held the rope and readied a coil. He watched all three dogs. When he felt their positions were best, he jumped from the ladder, carrying the dog biting his shoe down with him. As he landed, one foot held the dog's head up, and the other stomped heavily on the dog's neck, causing a loud, muffled crack. The other dogs backed away momentarily and then braced for an attack. Hollis spat the rope out of his mouth and tested the coil with both hands. As one dog sprang at him, Hollis side-stepped slightly and threw a garrote-like loop around the animal's neck, pulling it strangle-tight. The dog fell to the floor of the tunnel gasping and gagging. Before the last one leaped, Hollis picked up the body of the first dog and held it shoulder height. As the dog sprang, it was hit in mid-air by a flying dog-corpse with a broken neck. Hurt and dazed, that dog whined and then, slinking close to the wall, disappeared into a dimly lighted tunnel past two men who could be seen in the distance running towards Hollis.

AUTHOR: Gregory Brandt
GENRE: Adventure / Spy
PUBLISHED: Jun 16, 2008

His Name Is Like A Legend Throughout Vietnam! Tribesmen whisper, "Beware...Scorpion!" In this tongue-in-cheek spy/adventure novel, Chandler Hollis is drifting through life in an alcoholic haze after learning his childhood home in Vietnam has been attacked and his family killed. Then government agents drag him to Washington to be a principal player in a covert operation to aid the people of his former homeland and build morale after the Vietnam War. Soon he finds himself in Vietnam once more, armed with only a special machete, which he must use to kill and stamp his victims, creating a legend of a ghost-figure who brings new hope to this beleaguered country in THE SAND TABLE SCORPION.