The Tooth Fairy Legend


As her friends planned how to rescue her, Little Wings walked gloomily back and forth, her wings heavy with frost, in Starling Patch's prison of icicles. She couldn't even sit down. Every time she stopped moving, she got so cold she would shake all over. The icicles that surrounded her were high and pointed like the stakes around a wooden fort, but much fatter at the bottom. There was no way out. And it looked as if there was no hope. "Why can't I ever do anything right?" she asked herself out loud. "BECAUSE YOU'RE STUPID!" was the unexpected reply. Little Wings looked up to see two beady eyes peering between the icy bars. "All Tooth Fairies are stupid, and I'm glad I'm not one of them." "But, Starling, I thought you wanted to be one?" "I thought so too, until I saw what you're really like. Nobody was ever nice to me. I hate little kids. They don't even know I exist. I hate Tooth Fairies 'cause they get all the glory. And I hate Kindness." Starling started jumping up and down like a madman. Faster and faster he jumped, screeching, "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you." When he wasn't screaming, he was spitting. But it was so cold, his spit froze in midair, hitting Little Wings like hailstones. "Starling, you're wrong. We all play a small, but very important part in the universe. The Tooth Fairies couldn't do their jobs at all if it weren't for the Metrognomes and Auntie Flossie. What good would the teeth be if there was nobody to tend the Fire and keep the Celestial Balance working, and bottle Kindness, and...." "It's too late for your sappy sweetness. None of that matters anymore. Now everybody is going to know who I am. Now everybody will listen." Little Wings didn't know what to think. "What do you mean?" she asked hesitantly. "The time has come. I'm going to prove to you that you're wrong and I'm right. It's time to destroy the Isle of Kindness. Then, as it spins deliciously out of control, the whole universe will know the power of Starling Patch. For I can do deeds NO ONE can match!" Starling backed away howling and shrieking, consumed by the insanity of a joke only he understood. "But you never really win when you do something bad," cried Little Wings, and she ran to the bars and grabbed hold of them. She pulled at them with all her strength, trying to make them give way. "No, Starling, come back. You can't do that. Please! Come back! “Oh, no,” Little Wings cried, “I’ve done it again.”

AUTHOR: John Arthur Long
GENRE: Children
PUBLISHED: May 27, 2008


What greater gift could there be for the young reader than a story that illustrates the importance of being kind to others and, at the same time, instills a love for reading? THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: THE TOUCH OF KINDNESS - SHARE THE MAGIC WITH A CHILD. This perennial best selling children's book explains why the Tooth Fairy collects teeth in an imaginative, exciting adventure THAT DOES NOT RESORT TO VIOLENCE TO ENTERTAIN! A heart-warming story that proves it's the touch of kindness that makes all the difference. The Kindle edition is now illustrated like the hard cover edition. Read it with a child, or turn on the text-to-speech feature and allow the child to read along to help build extended reading skills.  For more information, visit