Perpendiction® Puzzles


PERPENDICTION ® SAMPLE PUZZLE 1. What I did when angry 2. title again 3. ____ Doria 4. turntable brand 5. TV chef 6. lethal

AUTHOR: Dr. Wright Engel
GENRE: Puzzle
PUBLISHED: Apr 27, 2009

DUE TO THE LIMITATIONS OF THE KINDLE READER, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SOLVE THE PUZZLES ON THE SCREEN, BUT YOU CAN STILL HAVE FUN TESTING YOUR MIND! PERPENDICTION® PUZZLES are crosswords of a sort but, as the name implies, the same word intersects itself, perpendicularly, across and down. There are no blanks in Perpendiction ® Puzzle grids. Give these different mind-stumpers a try whenever you need a challenging pastime. Remember: an active mind is a healthier and younger mind!

DIRECTIONS TO PLAY Dr. Wright Engel's Perpendiction® Puzzles on the Kindle:
PLEASE NOTE: The Kindle’s physical restrictions will not allow the solver to type answers into the puzzle grid itself , but Vellum Publishing, Inc., has found a way to still have fun answering the challenge of Perpendiction ® Puzzles. You need to use the Kindle’s note taking ability to record your answers. Read the clue. Then, move the cursor on your Kindle to the end of clue number one. This will allow you to open a “note” window by typing in your answer. Save your answer to number one. A “superscript # 1” will appear at the end of the clue. Place the cursor over the number and the answer to that clue will appear in the small window at the bottom of the Kindle screen. Then move the cursor to the end of clue number 2. Continue in that number order, typing in your answer as a “note” at the end of each clue. When you finish the sixth clue, you only have to move the cursor over the “note” number of each clue and your answer for that clue will appear in the small “window” at the bottom of your Kindle page. Of course, you can always use paper and a pencil to grid your answers if you’d rather puzzle it out the “old” way as you read the clues on your Kindle. So, have some fun, flex your mental skills while solving the clues, improve your Kindle note-taking ability and, most importantly, ENJOY! REMEMBER, THE ANSWER WILL BE THE SAME BOTH VERTICALLY AND HORIZONTALLY FOR EACH NUMBER IN A PERPENDICTION® PUZZLE. Answers to all the Perpendiction® Puzzles are found after the last puzzle.