The Aries Obsession


The white bandage on the shadowy figure’s head seemed to catch all of the light from the nightlight until the man turned slightly in Bill’s direction and leaned his head toward Emily’s door as if listening for something inside. The bandaged side of his head was clearly visible then. Crimson and dark blue colors covered the right side of his face and neck below the dressing, and his right eye was swollen nearly shut. He held a white cloth in his right hand.

The man reached for something in his back left pocket and brought it around in front of him—all of this seemingly in slow motion as if in a dream. He did something with the object and a cloth for several seconds. Then, just as deliberately, he returned the object to his back left pocket, moving it back and forth to get it to fit. The man smiled as he reached for the doorknob with his left hand. Reality or delusion, Bill knew there was no longer any choice. He had to do something…and he had to do it now.

AUTHOR: Daniel VanTassel
GENRE: Thriller
PUBLISHED: Feb 18, 2011

Two boys named Billy witness a mid-air collision that seems to put them on a crash course with each other and with the world around them. Born at nearly the same time on the same day, they are linked by astrological forces that shape their lives.

Years later, Little Billy, now known as Stoney, is an FBI agent on loan to the Navy’s NIS (now NCIS of television fame). He is deeply immersed in a counter-espionage assignment of global proportions just as he rediscovers his long-lost father...and then learns that his daughter is missing.

It’s nearly too much for the all-too-human spy who would like to come in from the Cold War, but can’t. He is aided by the clever British psychologist, Anna, whose insights not only help him find his way, but show him how to understand their enemies, foreign and domestic.

Half a world away, Big Billy, now known as Bully, has been living up to his nickname. And worse. After living worlds apart for years – from Vladimir Putenkin's militarily and politically tense Europe to the world of Hollywood stuntmen – the astrological twins are drawn together again, this time in a terrifying race for Stoney’s daughter’s life...and for the security of the Western world.

***** Five Star Review *****
Awesome read! Exciting AND Intellectual..., I'm always looking for a good page-turner, but prefer novels with substance. "The Aries Obsession" delivers an intriguing illustration of the intersections of psychology and astrology. You also learn a bit about recent political history as you tear through the pages.
By Amy in PDX (Portland, OR)
This review is from: THE ARIES OBSESSION (Kindle Edition)