The Harvard Man


“Oh, I see,” he said with a smile.  “You’re upset because your evening was ruined.  Upset that you were forced to leave the gathering of the Harvard...elite.”  He laughed.  “I almost said ‘hoi polloi,’ but that would not be correct.  You see ‘hoi polloi’ is from the Greek meaning ‘the many.’  In fact, ‘hoi’ actually means ‘the,’ so to say ‘the hoi polloi’ is completely wrong as is using the term when referring to the elite of a particular group because, in point of fact, it means ‘the general masses.’  What I should have actually used in referring the Harvard gathering was the term ‘hoity toity,’ meaning ‘pretentiously self-important.’  Yes, that would be the right thing to say.  So, are you angry that you had to leave your evening with the hoity toity of Harvard, Maggie?”  
When Maggie made no reply, he waited a beat and hurried on. 

“Ohhhh, perhaps you’re wondering how I would know all these intricacies about the uses of language.  Is that it?  Well, I’ll tell you.”  
He hurled the next words at her, raging, spittle accompanying the words, splattering on her as he leaned inward.

“IT’S BECAUSE I AM THE HARVARD MAN!  NOT JUST ANY OLD HARVARD MAN.  OH, NO.  I HAVE CLIMBED BACK FROM REJECTION, BACK FROM HOI POLLOI TO THE TOP OF THE HOITY TOITY AT THIS ESTEEMED UNIVERSITY.  WHO ELSE IS MORE IMPORTANT?  MORE DISCUSSED?  MORE FEARED?  NO ONE!  Did you see my Whore House, Maggie?  Wasn’t it exquisite?  I hope you appreciated the intricacy of its architectural design.  But it is not the last House.  No, I have a design of much larger grandeur in mind.  And I have been executing the House’s abstract design since that day in Harvard Square when we first met.  Can you guess the name of the House, Maggie?”  He laughed, standing straight, strutting as he announced the name.  “IT IS THE DEATH HOUSE!  MY PRESENT TO HARVARD, ITS STRUCTURE ENCOMPASSING THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY!  AND IS THERE A MASTER OF THE DEATH HOUSE?  YES, IT IS I: THE HARVARD MAN!”

Maggie waited.  She could feel her strength returning, though the heat that rose from her left wrist in throbbing pain threatened to overwhelm her senses and she willed her mind to ignore it, waiting, gathering more strength.

And thinking about the gun. 

The Walther .380 that Deluga had given her was in the bedroom, under her pillow on the bed.  If she could somehow get to it....

AUTHOR: John Arthur Long
GENRE: Thriller
PUBLISHED: Jun 30, 2010

THE BEST THRILLER I'VE READ SINCE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! - Tony Seidl, Literary Agent "I loved this book!" AMAZON REVIEW:*****5 out of 5 stars Amazon review: "Plan on some sleepless nights from not wanting to put it down! I think any crime/suspense fan will also. A real page turner. I don't want to be a spoiler, so won't give any specific details. The characters become very real and the author's use of words paints everything in vivid detail." - By Jeannine Buckenmyer (Knoxville, TN) - July 17, 2010 ****NEWLY FORMATTED EDITION FOR KINDLE**** "SICK, SEXY AND SUSPENSEFUL, THE HARVARD MAN GRABS YOU AND WON'T LET GO!" THE HARVARD MAN -He is brilliant, possessing intelligence most would classify as genius, and he has always believed he was destined for Harvard University. However, there is a flaw. He is also mentally unstable, a psychopath with violent tendencies. Harvard has rejected his application, but he's still coming. Now, he is determined to exact revenge in sweeping strokes of violence that will display his brilliance and bring America’s most prestigious university to its academic knees. If he can’t have Harvard, no one can!