The Sage of the Oak


“But if you live…if you live…if you do, then remember us.”


“No, I mean help us.”

“How could I ever do that?”

“Find a Sage.”

“I have to go.”

“Sages are out there. They really are. I know they are.”

“Give me your hand, Brother.”

“My grandfather told me and he never lied. Not once, not about anything. Sages are in the North. He said that. Go north. Please.” He began to weep. “Because if you won’t do it, then things will never change, and it can’t stay like this. Remember what they did to her? That won’t stop. Help us.”

The friend of childhood, weeping to his hand.


“If I live, I’ll find one. I will find a Sage,” he said, not knowing how often he would regret saying those words.

“Oh, and listen. Listen to me. You’ll need a dragon first.”

“What? Oh, that should be easy.”

“Stop it. I’m serious. You have to try. You need one, or something of one. Just find some little thing of a dragon, anything: a hair, a drop of blood…something. It’s a token for the Sage. If you bring nothing, a Sage won’t help you.”

“You’re not making this easy, Brother.”

“Others have done it before you.”

“Have they?”

“So it is said.”

The clanging now mingled with cries of horror from the tavern, from doors being smashed. Soldiers ran through surrounding streets. The fugitive smelled smoke.

“I have to go.”

“May the gods carry you through all your days, Brother.”

The hand of his childhood friend grasping his.

“And yours,” he said.

“You will remember us, yes?”


“As long as I have life, yes. I will find a Sage. This I promise,”he said and stepped away. The last sight of his first friend a silhouette receding into a darkened room.

AUTHOR: J. A. Scheffer
GENRE: Fantasy
PUBLISHED: Jun 12, 2015

Vellum Publishing, Inc. proudly announces the publication of a new epic adult fantasy of a young intrepid hero whose journey echoes the travels of Ulysses. Soldiers have descended on his village and their occupation brings with it destruction and the ruthless killing of his family and friends. Go with him as he traverses alien lands while pursuing his quest to find the one great being who can save his home: The Sage of the Oak.

Be with him as he grows in knowledge and learns death-defying skills in his encounters with fairies, dragons and strange terrifying creatures that have never been seen before in fantasy literature.

Scale the mountainous trembling flanks of the great dragon with him to extract the tooth which he must possess for protection in his journeys.

Meet Lyden, Queen of the Fairies, who struggles to repress surging sexual urges that demand satisfaction with this lesser human creature as she guides him through the land of the Elves, beings who have decided that mankind must be eliminated before their human evolution of violence destroys the Earth.

Meet Roland, the great warrior, whose graphically violent battles will chill your bones. Although repulsed, you will find yourself unable to stop reading despite the rivers of blood flowing from the dead.

Meet Gelidii, the Picarin, the horrifying spider-like creature who bestows upon the narrator The Blade of the Drinking Bird, a living slasher of death that he must practice using until it actually breathes with a life that becomes a part of him so that its blazing arcs of protection help to keep him alive.

And feel the wonder experienced by the narrator when the tender and all-knowing healer, Karuna, guides him to the wondrous Chamber that holds the Secret of Life Itself and gives him the most precious of heavenly jewels to protect him as he continues his quest to reach The Sage of the Oak.

For the avid fans of THE LORD OF THE RINGS and GAME OF THRONES, there is now a new epic saga to thrill the imagination: THE SAGE OF THE OAK. Order your copy of this enthralling adult fantasy just released by Vellum Publishing, Inc. from today.