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Chet Meyer, President
Vellum Publishing, Inc.
[email protected]
Vellum Publishing, Inc. Guarantees Reasonable Prices For Kindle Books

Vellum Publishing, Inc., the e-book publisher for the Digital Generation, has posted a video on www.newkindlebooks.com that discusses the cost of Kindle books.

ROUND TOP, NEW YORK (APRIL 2009) – Vellum Publishing, Inc., a digital publishing company featuring new and exciting e-books for Amazon.com’s Kindle reader, announces the posting of a new video on their website www.newkindlebooks.com that addresses the increasing prices of books for the Kindle. The video includes a company guarantee that Vellum Publishing Inc. will keep their digital book prices reasonable for the Kindle Reading Public.

“Recently, readers have noticed that the cap on Kindle books at the Amazon.com Kindle store is no longer $9.99 ,” said Chet Meyer, President of Vellum Publishing, Inc. “In fact, many of the recent best sellers are priced at $16.00 and more. Vellum Publishing, Inc. wants the Kindle reading public to know that we absolutely guarantee that our digital books will always remain reasonably priced.”

Meyer went on to explain that recently, deciding that the price of one of the company’s best sellers, EVE OF REGRESSION, THE GATES OF EDEN, was set too high, Vellum requested that the price be decreased for consumers. In addition, readers will find that if the book is shorter, the price is lower. “At Vellum Publishing Inc., readers will always get exciting, entertaining reading at the right price,” Meyer stated.

To learn more about reasonable pricing for digital books from Vellum Publishing, Inc. go to www.newkindlebooks.com .