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Chet Meyer, President
Vellum Publishing, Inc.
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A Publishing Company Just For The Digital Generation

Vellum Publishing, Inc. establishes a new line
of digital fiction books for Amazon Kindle.

ROUND TOP, NEW YORK (FEBRUARY 2009) - Vellum Publishing, Inc. is offering a new line of digital fiction books for the Amazon Kindle e-book portable reading device. Dedicated to presenting quality entertaining fiction to the public at a very affordable price, Vellum Publishing, Inc., in conjunction with’s Kindle Store, is offering an increasing number of inexpensive downloadable books.

The Vellum Publishing, Inc. digital catalogue contains everything from the perennial best-selling children’s book, THE LEGEND OF THE TOOTH FAIRY: THE TOUCH OF KINDNESS to mysteries, thrillers, adventures, humor novels, short story collections, plays and musicals. All books in the catalogue can be downloaded to the Kindle reader in less than a minute at a fraction of the price of hardcover or even paperback copies of fiction books.

“Like the rest of society, the publishing industry is in an economic crisis,” states Vellum
President, Chet Meyer. “People no longer want to pay high prices for the pleasure of reading traditional bound books. By our name, you can tell that we are aware of the historical continuum of written communication. Vellum was the parchment-like animal skin used as the medium of ancient texts, some profusely illuminated in the middle ages. But, with our society’s dependence upon cell phones, computers and other handy electronic devices, the ink-and-paper age of publishing is over. With the advent of the Amazon Kindle and over 2,000,000 books, newspapers, and magazines now available in digital form for the Kindle reader, the public can now buy bestsellers as well as works by first-time authors with fresh ideas at extremely affordable prices.”

Meyer continued, “We are acutely aware that many recent digital books are poorly-structured, hastily self-published works. However, Vellum Publishing, Inc. stands behind our Kindle ‘shelf,’ and guarantees that every book in the company catalogue will be chosen and edited with the very highest of professional standards.”

A sampling of Vellum Publishing, Inc. offerings is available at There, readers will find the book cover illustrations, brief descriptions of the plots, prices, and a direct link to the Amazon Kindle Store. Vellum Publishing, Inc. urges Digital Generation readers to check the website often for its ever-expanding list of quality digital fiction. Meyer is proud of the Vellum Publishing, Inc. motto: “When mainstream publishing finally went digital, we were already there.”