Chet Meyer, President
Vellum Publishing, Inc.
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Kindle Possession Novel Released!

Vellum Publishing, Inc. announces the digital release of AmI A Novel of Kindle Possession.

ROUND TOP, NEW YORK (July 2009) - Good news for Kindle owners! At Vellum Publishing, Inc. has announced the release of an exciting new mystery exclusively for the Kindle in which an owner's Kindle appears to be possessed by Ambient Intelligence. AmI! Are they out there, hovering on the Whispernet, waiting to get in on an unrequested download? That's the troubling question that haunts Anna, a Senior Citizen, separated from her family in an assisted living facility, when she orders a Kindle reader and strange things start to happen.

"Kindle owners are going to love this book," states Vellum President Chet Meyer. "Anyone who has a Kindle will identify with the heroine as she uses the Kindle 2 Text-to-Speech option and other of the Kindle's features to try to discover why strange messages are downloading from the Whispernet. Is the cause a voodoo spell put on the Kindle from the peculiar Haitian attendant, an electronic alteration caused by a weird sci-fi book download, or does an alien electronic environment known as Ambient Intelligence (AmI )that is responsive to the presence of people mean to do her harm?

"If you've got a Kindle, don't miss this lighthearted mystery by Myra Concannon," Meyer said, continuing with a knowing smile. "And be sure to check the next time the tiny disk turns in the upper left hand corner of your Kindle and you get a download. Did you really place that order,…or is it AmI?" Meyer concluded with the promise that, as with the entire digital shelf of offerings from Vellum Publishing Inc., this newest release is guaranteed to be reasonably priced and formatted in Bold font for easier reading on the Kindle. For more information, go to .