Tooth Fairy Legend

Chet Meyer, President
Vellum Publishing, Inc.
[email protected]


Early Childhood Read-Along-And-Listen Reading Help Now Available
on the Amazon Kindle.

Vellum Publishing, Inc. Provides Young Children and Families an Easy and Fun Way
to Improve Reading Skills With the Kindle.

ROUND TOP, NEW YORK (May 2009) – At, Vellum Publishing, Inc. is offering their popular THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: The Touch of Kindness in an illustrated e-book version of their original bound Premier Edition that comes with 2 CDs of the fully narrated story. On the Kindle, no CDs are needed. Families can use the reader for regular bedtime story presentations, or a child can use the Kindle’s voice feature, with or without parental help, to hear the story narrated while seeing the exact words on the screen. Vellum Publishing, Inc. President Chet Meyer said, “This is the great advantage of the Read-Along-And-Listen method. When that technique is combined with an exciting and educationally-rewarding story like THE TOOTH FAIRY LEGEND: The Touch of Kindness, a really wonderful and entertaining teaching tool is created. Instant dictionary help is also available on the Kindle, so any difficult vocabulary word can be immediately defined before going on with the story.”

Meyer continued, explaining that more e-books should be available for young children. “Vellum Publishing, Inc. does not want the 4-to-8 year-olds forgotten. Our company holds and stresses these four basic beliefs about literature for youthful pre-readers and beginning readers: 1. Children should be exposed to chapter books of length and quality at very early ages; 2. Children should experience both being read to and reading to themselves;
3. Simultaneously seeing a word and hearing it read enhances and accelerates the learning of reading and the understanding of vocabulary; 4. Combining the Read-Along-And-Listen techniques with a chapter book that tells an exciting story relevant to youngsters in the
4-to-8 year-old range and conveys important social values at the same time is significantly rewarding for everyone.”

The original bound book with the two CDs is still available from and through, but the illustrated digital edition is available right now at’s Kindle store. Meyer reiterated the Vellum Publishing Inc. motto: “When mainstream publishing finally went digital, we were already there.”