An Exciting New Epic Adult Fantasy, The Sage of the Oak, Available at and

The Sage of the Oak, a thrilling new work of fiction for the millions of Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings fans, is released for Kindle readers.

New York, NY, June 15, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Vellum Publishing, Inc. announces the publication of a new fantasy novel about an innocent young man whose journey echoes the travels of Ulysses. Soldiers have descended on his village and their occupation brings destruction and the ruthless killing of his family and friends. This adventure saga invites readers to go with the intrepid hero as he traverses alien lands while pursuing his quest to find the one great being who can save his home: The Sage of the Oak.

“We are very pleased to be releasing J. A. Scheffer’s fantasy, The Sage of the Oak,” said Vellum Publishing, Inc. President Chet Meyer. “Not only does the narrator learn death-defying skills in his encounters with fairies, dragons, and trolls, but he also faces strange and terrifying entities never before seen in this genre, like Gelidii, the Picarin. This horrifying spider-like creature bestows upon the narrator The Blade of the Drinking Bird, a living slasher of death that the hero must practice using until it actually breathes with a life that becomes a part of him so that its blazing arcs of protection help to keep him alive. This is but one example of the monstrous and savage beings determined to help or destroy him as he continues his quest to reach The Sage of the Oak. We believe readers are going to love this new literary tour de force.”

As with all of their digital offerings, Vellum Publishing, Inc. guarantees to offer The Sage of the Oak at an affordable price so it is accessible to as many readers as possible. For more information on The Sage of the Oak and other books from Vellum Publishing, Inc., visit or