We all make fateful decisions during our lifetime. Some of them involve moving on –– apart from one’s chosen mate. Others are related to seeking new employment opportunities, or casting off one’s dock lines in search of a setting in which to enjoy a new life; while other critical choices involve an unexplained will-o’-the-wisp election to take an adventurous chance to tempt fate. My decision to take a flyer and make a deal with the devil was, in many respects, a combination of all of the above. That miscalculation placed me on a precarious path that put me where I am right now. The following accounting of my last several months will explain how I came to reach this new level of my existence.

AUTHOR: Jeff Gardner
GENRE: Thriller
PUBLISHED: Mar 05, 2016

In the multiple-photo-enhanced novel TERMINAL TRANSIT, Captain Rick Damiano once again returns to his beloved Atlantic Ocean by taking a fatal trans-oceanic delivery from Portugal to the Pacific coast of Panama, during which he survives two hurricanes, encounters a mysterious submarine, and faces a cadre of international terrorists. The photo graphics help to give the reader a feeling of participation in the story, adding to the thrill and excitement of Rick's dangerous voyage.